You and I (2017)

You’re standing outside your friend’s apartment building, your body soaking, your phone without a percentage. You lift your handbag over your head and begin to walk. It doesn’t take long for you to slip and fall onto the pavement. You cry, but the tears are hidden amid the rain that falls onto your face. Now, more than ever, is the opportunity to reveal myself to you. I lower the car window and speak to you for the very first time.

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Novelists – ‘Noir’ (2017)

When considering progressive metalcore as a sub-genre, there is a specific quality to the sound. Those who produce music in this form tend to be in favour of something that’s more technical, experimental and djenty. Whether you’re a fan of this style or not you can, at the very least, appreciate how it attempts to push the boundaries. While the debut album from France-based Novelists exemplifies this is many ways, their new sophomore release, ‘Noir‘, falls flat by comparison. When considering this new LP in its entirety, Novelists have produced something that’s a solid effort and shows some innovative elements. Yet, you can’t help but notice such a close distinction between the band’s two albums, as they feature such striking similarities.

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Ghost Atlas – ‘All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about’ (2017)

Better known for his soaring vocals and blazing guitar leads in ERRAJesse Cash has stepped out on his own for a full-length album under the moniker, Ghost Atlas. His new record, ‘All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about’ sees Cash taking a far more personal approach to his writing and his production. ‘All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about’ is the genuine Cash; showing his emotions and life experiences in their most natural form.

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