Faces of the World by Dianne Vanstone (2017)

Presented at the ASSP Gallery, in association with the 2017 Adelaide Fringe from 17th February – 19thMarch.

Nestled in the heart of Port Adelaide, owner Sue Smith wholeheartedly welcomed her audience to the rather petite, though nevertheless beloved ASSP Gallery to view Dianne Vanstone’s latest exhibition, Faces of the World.

tanner muller Dianne vanstone faces of the world exhibition fringe 2017
ASSP Gallery, ‘Faces of the World’ exhibition (2017), photographed by Tanner Muller

Suspended by hooks and thread across the gallery walls were a collection of oil paintings, depicting the intriguing narratives of both humans and animals. Each piece of art is united by their ability to convey cultural stories through facial expression. Vanstone, 64, uses her artistic abilities to create awareness by providing a voice to those who cannot express it.

She claims to have been inspired by the naivety of children and the matured intelligence of the elderly. This is particularly evident through the visually striking piece Wisdom, where splashes of colour surround the face of a matured Asian man. The vibrant approach generates an air of mystery, as viewers are left to ponder about his existence and intellect.

tanner muller Dianne vanstone faces of the world exhibition fringe 2017
‘Wisdom’ by Dianne Vanstone (2017), ASSP Gallery, photographed by Tanner Muller

A rather emotive piece in the collection, entitled Stillness, portrays a giraffe hunching its body, with eyes of despair. The use of dark browns and pastel blues throughout the piece are intended, it seems, to illustrate the vulnerability of the animal before a tragic and untimely passing.

This is reminiscent of the Copenhagen Zoo controversy, where a young male giraffe was shot and dissected in front of a large crowd after it was deemed to be genetically unsuitable for breeding. This was despite offers from other zoos to rehouse the giraffe and public outcry.

tanner muller Dianne vanstone faces of the world exhibition fringe 2017
‘Stillness’ by Dianne Vanstone (2017), ASSP Gallery, photographed by Tanner Muller

Besides oil painting, Vanstone also works as a children’s author/illustrator and a self-employed art tutor. So, it becomes evident how utilising her skills to broaden the scope of opportunity was significant in her success of becoming an established and recognised artist.

Associating herself with the ASSP Gallery and the 2017 Adelaide Fringe, Vanstone was able to use these platforms as an outlet to showcase her works to a wider audience.

Both the gallery and the Fringe welcome emerging and established artists alike to showcase their talents, or volunteer their time to offer support and gain experience.

To arrange an appointment with the ASSP Gallery to show your portfolio, or to volunteer, contact them by telephone at (08) 8240 2686 during business hours, or by email assp.galleryshop@gmail.com

Registrations for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe will open in August 2017. Artists will be able to apply via the Adelaide Fringe website.

To submit an application to volunteer for the Adelaide Fringe, applications open in November 2017 via their website. 


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